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Bright financial future 
for your children

Free app to educate your children about finance and cybersecurity, where they receive their allowance, manage it, trained to be vigilant against cyber threats, and spend it in a secure online store fully controlled by parents.


Allowance and Expense

Set regular allowance and expense payments. Teach your children to budget and manage their finances.

Chores and tasks

Set chores and tasks with deadlines in one click. Motivate your children and teach them the value of work. 

Chequing and Savings

Set interest rates on the Savings account to teach your child the importance of savings.

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Pennygem Online Store


Children can securely shop thousands of items online at the Pennygem Store fully controlled by the parents.

Goal Creation


Set purchase goals by directly linking to the Store. Children will see their saving progress towards the goal.


Cyberawareness Education

Train your child to recognize cyber threats and reward for completion.


A simple attractive interface, automation, and helpful guidance make it easy to use for both parents and their children.


Fun and engaging experience for children through a wide range of features, like the ability to set goals and see their progress towards them.


Easy-to-use parental controls, transaction approval, and monitoring. No child, credit card, or banking information is required.

Unique and Secure
Online Store

Pennygem's unique store is designed for you to have a piece of mind and for your child to have an opportunity to spend the money they make in a fun and safe online store. Your child will only see the items you approve of in their store.

The store will motivate your child to complete more tasks, manage their funds better, and actively work towards their purchase goals.

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Fun and Engaging
Cyberawareness Education

Train your child to recognize cyber threats and reward for completion.

Your child will receive hands-on experience by practicing lessons learned directly on the Pennygem app. 

There is no need to supervise your child as you will receive regular reports about their progress. The cherry on top of a cake, you can assign an automated reward for your child upon completion to keep them motivated.


Give your children confidence in personal finance through hands-on experience. Pennygem's safe virtual banking environment offers Chequing and Savings accounts and allows making charity deposits.

Give your children confidence

Engage with your children

Interact with your children and teach them responsibility. With Pennygem, you can assign tasks to earn virtual money, create automated allowance deposits and expense charges.

Create learning opportunities

Create opportunities for conversations about realistic goals that your children can achieve. Pennygem allows setting goals to save for a specific item and seeing progress towards them.

Motivate your children

Motivate your children and give them a sense of independence by allowing them to spend money in a secure parent-controlled online store.


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We would love to hear your feedback and ideas on how to make Pennygem more useful to you. We will diligently respond to every question you have. 

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