Every child deserves a bright financial future

Knowing how to manage your finances is so important, yet so few of us have the necessary skills and confidence. We created Pennygem to empower parents to give their children the very important skills and practical experience in personal finance management.

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Our Story

We created Pennygem for our children to gain good financial habits and become financially competent as adults. We are excited to share this wonderful product with everyone!

Pennygem was built by Toronto parents for families around the world. It is not easy to start an independent adult life, especially if you are lacking skills in personal finance management. Financial struggles add a lot of stress and create many limitations in the lives of young adults. Having experienced this first hand, we did not want this for our children. Like any other parents, we want our children to be financially well-off. 


Financial stability and well-being can only be achieved with the right habits, skills, and confidence, and these take time to develop. As parents, we are so busy making breakfasts and dinners, cleaning, taking our kids to classes, attending parent events...Life gets in the way, and it is so hard to find time to educate our children about money. If you have already attempted to implement a reward system with lists of tasks on the fridge, in hopes to motivate your child and teach them the importance of working and saving, and if this reward system did not last, you are not alone.

In our fast-paced world, where most of our lives are online, it is not easy to maintain a reward system on the fridge, and pay children allowance in cash. Modern children are often not interested in anything that does not involve a cellphone or a computer. So how do you teach your child the basic financial habits and start those so-important conversations about money? 

We created Pennygem to give parents an easy answer to these questions. We had many conversations with parents like you, we ran numerous parent surveys and went through a number of iterations to create a product that will provide an easy tool for parents to teach their children how to manage finance.  Pennygem satisfies all your key requirements:

  • Very little time commitment from the parents

  • Safe and secure environment

  • Fun and engaging application for children

Having a lot of experience in education, we know that the best way for children to gain good financial habits and learn the necessary skills is through a fun and engaging continuous hands-on experience. Pennygem was carefully designed to keep children engaged and motivated. Pennygem has a unique online store that will give your child a sense of responsibility and independence; it will engage and motive them, but most importantly, it will allow you to start conversations about responsible spending, expense planning, and delaying gratification. These are among the key skills you want your child to have.

Pennygem wishes you financial success!

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