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An easy-to-use app to help your child learn to manage money

With Pennygem, children earn money by receiving regular allowance and rewards for tasks. They manage money in a simulated banking environment with chequing and savings accounts. Finally, children learn to budget and responsibly spend by shopping at the Pennygem online store.  As a parent, you have complete control over your child's experience.


How It Works

Open an account in minutes

Open an account on the Web, iOS, or Android app.  Only the parent's email address is required.

Customize account

Activate and customize features such as transaction limits and fees, savings rates, and many more.

Earn and save

Set up regular allowance and rewarded tasks. Your child can set up saving goals and see their progress towards them.

Financial education

Enroll your child into a variety of age-specific courses on our platform and reward them for successful completion.

Personalized online stores

Browse a variety of items in the Pennygem Store, and select the ones that you approve for your child. 

Controlled spending

Approve or decline purchase requests in one click. The parent makes the final purchase. 


Safe and Secure

Parental controls



No real money involved

Personalized stores

  • Highly customizable accounts.

  • Only the parent's email address is required to register.

  • No actual money involved for children. All payments and charges are in virtual units.

  • Children only access the items that parents approve for their online stores.

  • Final purchases at the online store are made by the parents using their payment of choice. 


Support your children in learning to manage their finance with Pennygem's unique tools.​

Help children learn to manage money
  • Create custom account settings

    • Transaction limits and fees​

    • Balance limits

    • Account fees

    • Interest rate

  • Set up regular allowance.

  • Set up regular charges.

  • Set up recurring and on-of rewarded tasks.

  • Approve task completion.

  • Enroll children in rewarded financial literacy courses.

Navigate children's spending
  • Browse through many products available at Pennygem's store.

  • Access the unique statistics on item ratings and approvals by other parents.

  • Select the appropriate products to create a personalized store for your child.

  • Review and approve purchase requests at a click of a button.

  • Purchase items directly from the merchant's website using your preferred payment method.

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