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A smart solution for your child's financial well-being

Child-driven, parent-controlled, Pennygem is a smart app for your child's financial well-being. In our application, children can earn, manage, and spend money at a parent-curated online store and through a parent-controlled debit card. Meanwhile, parents have full control over their children's experiences.

98% of parents wish they were educated about personal finance management before adulthood.

75% of parents give allowance to teach their children money management.

HOWEVER, giving the allowance in cash creates a number of pain points

Cash does not help transition to digital banking.

No ability to control and track allowance spending.

Hard to securely practice money management.


FinTech does not offer much-needed solutions for families with children

Pennygem is a cashless solution for kids' everyday life


Coming September 2020



6 Active Test Users



Meet The Team


Danila Tsvetkov, 


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Software engineer and frontend developer.

5+ years experience in IT industry.


Regina Kalinytska

Graphic Designer

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Expert in web and graphic design.

Interactive media designer.


Tracy Kao-Chu,

Product Champion

Mom of 2.

Very active in parent communities.

10+ years experience in Financial Industry.


Kate Mansouri

Founder, CEO

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Engineer with strong technical knowledge.

7+ years in the financial industry.

10+ years experience in child education.


Farrokh Mansouri

Founder, CTO

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Expert in cloud technologies, software development.

Ph.D. in Engineering.

Previously, a startup founder.


Yulia Fedan,

Marketing Manager

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4+ years in Customer Experience&Learning Solutions.

4+ years in the Financial industry.

3+ years in Public Relations & Communications. 


Miglena Ivanova,

Marketing Strategist

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Interactive media designer and marketing expert.

Mom of 2.

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We are currently looking for a angel investment. We would love to hear your feedback and answer any questions you might have. 

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